Whether you want to practice longer endurance training, shorter intervals, or explosive sprints: our treads are built to support you in every way possible. Our Technogym Skillruns combine both cardio and power training, making it the first piece of running equipment designed to meet the specific training needs of both high-level athletes and everyday fitness enthusiasts alike.

Expect instruction from some of the most experienced runners in the city, with custom classes on top-class treads that feature advanced biofeedback and a wide variety of training options, including sled simulation, parachute simulation, and cadence training.


This is a high-intensity interval class. This workout will consist of rounds of lower intensity jogs, sled pushes, and walking, blended with HIGH intensity runs, sprints, and resistance work. These classes are designed to amplify your run training and take you to your next level!


This combo class will get your muscles pumping and heart racing. The class will consist of a quick but effective full body lift session for the main course, paired nicely with a little cardio on the Treadmills for dessert. This pairing is great for participants of all levels and is guaranteed to work up a sweat, so come hydrated. 


Are you looking to complete your first 5 or 10k? If so, this is the class for you! This class is designed to primarily focus on your form. Our Tread LISS classes consist of traditional running training of lower intensity steady state sessions. You can expect steady paced runs with twists from each trainer. The steady runs will have you maintaining similar speeds but going through hills, fluctuating resistances and training you to consistently improve your run times. This class is great for those training for marathons or just looking for a great caloric burn!