Canada’s Transformative Music-Based Boxing Workout


Boxing can seem intimidating and tough, but we’ve created an experience that makes boxing fun and accessible while retaining the boxers workout and technique. In other words, we ensure you get a big sweat, and big caloric burn, while learning boxing skills - in a fun, music-driven, atmosphere. You work your very own boxing bag and emerge refreshed. Each instructor brings their own music style and boxing style; try them all to find the right fit.

What’s different?

UNDRCARD is different from other boxing workouts because we move to the power and energy of music. It’s a different kind of beat box, a rhythm for your right hook. This creates an atmosphere where you work longer and harder (endurance and intensity increases). You moderate your own output. Opt to work as hard as our highly skilled trainers demand, or take it a little easier. The program is for all fitness levels and no boxing experience needed.

First Timer Deal

We have a great deal for First Timers; the 1-2 Punch Pass. Purchase one class and we’ll gift you your second class. That’s only $14/class!

Book A Bag

Take the first step to a transformative workout that will positively impact all areas of your life. There’s nothing like it. See you on the bag! #allyouneedisglove #undrcard