Founding Instructor, Personal Trainer

Tammara has built a village. Her belief in human ability and the human spirit is evident in her city wide fitness commitments and following. This incredibly outgoing, free spirited boxer feels no challenge is too great and neither should those around her. As an endurance athlete she competes in various races around North America, including several editions of the Boston Marathon and the North Face Endurance Challenge Series - oh, and dancefloor marathons. She’s also a personal trainer, running coach, and recently crowned Provincial Boxing Champ (February 2018).

What drives this woman to push her physical limits? “Moving your body has so many benefits; growth, change, connection.  You feel alive. You feel unstoppable.” explains Tammara.

Known for her love of burpees (she once pumped out 1000 in a row to raise money for charity) you know you can expect lots of burpees (but not too many she promises), paired with strong relentless combos. Essentially anything that will test your endurance. “When challenging your physical self there is a moment when you feel like you can take anything on. You feel strong, things fall into place and you take flight. At that moment, there are no worries, there is nothing holding you back, you’re free.” Set it free. Set it off. Book a class with Tammara.

QUOTABLE “That sense of flight, when the legs go fast, and the heart goes free”.