What do boxing, strength training, and running all have in common? Breath. Awareness of breath is foundational in all of these disciplines, but that’s not the only reason why we find yoga so beneficial to incorporate into any fitness routine. Yoga and sculpt work help reduce stress, improve flexibility, and develop balance.


A fast-paced class that builds strength both physically and mentally, as you move fluidly from one pose to the next, while connecting breath to your movements. Expect this class to challenge you with its quick pace and option to play with advanced poses. 


Don’t worry about following the beat with our circuit classes - each class contains 4 families of exercises! Our full-body circuit includes strength and cardio, whereas our strength circuit is muscle work only. Grab your heavier weights and challenge your muscles. You’ll end up with a full body workout, plus some serious muscle burn!


This vinyasa style yoga classes consists of fluidly moving from pose to pose while connecting with your breath. We recommend this class for you if you’re looking to move mindfully while still getting your heart rate up and building muscle strength. 


Each class contains a series of short and fierce timed intervals, think 90 seconds max, that alternate between strength and cardio. The goal is to be breathless from the start and burn max calories. Each class is designed to be done equipment free, but there is always the option to add weights for an extra challenge!