What do boxing, strength training, and running all have in common? Breath. Awareness of breath is foundational in all of these disciplines, but that’s not the only reason why we find yoga so beneficial to incorporate into any fitness routine. Yoga and sculpt work help reduce stress, improve flexibility, and develop balance.


Sculpt Signature is kin+fit’s hallmark class – expect intense, heart pounding cardio intervals, broken up with bodyweight and lighter weight full-body strength sequences. You get the key benefit of a cardio-based HIIT workout (i.e. boosting your cardio-respiratory health in a shorter amount of time than with continuous forms of exercise), along with the added perk of targeted functional strength work. All moves are choreographed to fresh, beat-driven music and voila: you have a one-of-a-kind group fitness experience. With a focus on form and modifications provided, this class is accessible to all fitness levels.


Four words: barre on the bag. Sculpt Barre is kin+fit’s unique spin on a traditional barre class, where the heavy bag is the barre. We take the technique of a traditional ballet class (don’t worry, no dance experience necessary) and combine it with the rigour of a high-performance athletic workout. This class is the perfect addition to your HIIT, boxing, and heavy lifting workouts, as it recruits slow twitch muscle fibres by focusing on muscle endurance, high repetition, balance, low weight, and short rest periods. Shoes are not worn for this class and sticky bottom socks are required.


Sculpt Heavy is kin+fit’s next level of group fitness experience – expect the intense cardio intervals broken up with full body strength sequences you would find in a Sculpt Signature class, but elevated by incorporating heavy smash balls, heavier weights, and darker music. Not only will this class provide extreme sweat and a mental release, but it will leave you with a stronger heart and lungs, more muscular power, and improved balance and coordination. This class is perfect for those who look for that added challenge in everything they do, but is still accessible to all fitness levels with a focus on form and modifications provided. Come push your limits!


Our Sculpt Flow classes offers elements of traditional yoga flow in our heavy bag room, under the lights. Work through a series of asanas and further your practice. Classes may focus on specific areas of the body, but overall, these flow classes will be full-body restorative sessions. Join us for a flow sessions today!