Scott ‘Smash’ Mackenzie is a legitimate athlete and natural leader. Not just because he’s perpetually in workout gear or recovery jogging pants, not just because he’s built like an athlete (ab calendar coming soon), not just because he recently made Team Canada - it’s something much more simple. You see, he carries around this massive 4L jug of colored water for performance nutrition and the commitment to lug a 4L plastic jug of water everywhere is telling. Also telling is the commitment to juggle national level competitions and training, while honoring youth martial arts programs, volunteer work and personal clients, and training up for the UNDRCARD program. Scott’s a highly motivated, committed, hardworking athlete, and experienced trainer, who knows how to help you find your limit and personal best.

“I’m a high level amateur Muay Thai fighter, training since 2008, with several title belts and a current record of 16 wins 2 losses with 12 knockout wins.” explains Scott. “Combat sports are an amazing way to unleash your full potential, both physically and mentally. I love that it’s an individual sport, but you can’t truly succeed without a solid team and coach.”

Being part of the UNDRCARD team, Scott brings a desire for people to discover how rewarding a boxing workout is for the body and mind. “Together we’ll improve your boxing technique, balance, coordination, strength, and confidence.” At Scott’s classes you can expect a high level of technical proficiency, challenging functional fitness and massive tunes to bring the fighter out of you. You may also want to bring a 4L jug of water.

QUOTABLE What you do and who you are should be the same thing. - Unknown