Samir 'Sweet Sammy' Elmais of Team Canada and UNDRCARD Boxing Studio


Private Trainer, 7 Time National Champion

Meet Samir 'Sweet Sammy’ Elmais. He’s the sort of guy you imagine when you think of a boxer; large build, fists that look like two-story houses, a nose that’s eaten a few knuckle sandwiches. But when he begins speaking, and releases that big ‘Sweet Sammy’ smile, you start to think; well, maybe he does sell kittens and satin pillows on the side!?

After 24 years of boxing [and counting] Sweet Sammy's passion for the sport is apparent and he generously shares his time with anyone interested in getting the gloves on whether with the National Boxing Team or as a local trainer. "It's my passion to coach. I love seeing the progression in someone; building someone from the ground up whether it's to become a world boxing champion or to have champion-like confidence in every day life".

When he begins narrating his incredible list of boxing accomplishments, you realize you need a comfortable chair to absorb the long list: 7 time national boxing champion, 2015 Team Canada Captain, 2015 Hall of Fame, 2015 Pan American Games bronze medalist, 2014 Commonwealth Games gold medalist and 2012 Olympic Qualification bronze medalist, ranked 10th in the world. Pair that with one of the top 10 smiles we’ve ever seen and you’ll be feeling like a champion along this champ.

QUOTABLE: "You are your worst enemy. Defeat yourself and you can defeat anyone" - 'Sweet Sammy'