Some Rules That Ensure You Have a Top UNDRCARD Experience

5 Minute Rule and Closed Door Rule

5 MIN BEFORE CLASS IS CUTTING IT TOO CLOSE TO HAVE A GOOD EXPERIENCE - Guests that check-in 5 minutes before class may be declined entry. Guests who arrive just-in-time for a class will certainly be declined entry.  A proper warm-up ensures an optimal, and safe, workout for you and doesn't compromise the experience for guests already inside. Checking in, changing, and wrapping hands takes time.

CLOSED DOOR RULE - Once the studio doors close, the fight is on. Even if you checked into class within the time policy; once the doors close you may be denied entry to protect the guest experience. Exiting class early is also not permitted unless an isolated incident or for health or safety reasons. Do allow yourself plenty of time in order to enjoy the full UNDRCARD experience.

Class Cancellation Policy

4 HOUR CUT OFF - Cancellations within 4- hours will be charged in full for the class or private training session. There is no cancellation penalty if you cancel within 4+ hours. Guests on a Crew Pass or other pass (Monthly, First Timer Month) will incur a $15 cancellation fee. The 4-Hour Cancellation Policy applies to all group bookings including, but not limited to, any group class and private training session. Special Events are ticketed separately and are non-refundable.

YOUR SPOT MAY BE GIVEN AWAY 10 MINUTES BEFORE CLASS -  You must be signed into your class 10 minutes before it begins. If you are not present, and signed in, you may lose your spot to a wait-listed client and incur aforementioned fees.

Pass or Membership Cancellation Policy

A different Cancellation Policy applies to memberships, such as the Crew Pass, 6 Month or Annual Pass. The Crew Pass is an annual [12 month] commitment with a monthly membership fee of $179 plus tax. Memberships may be cancelled within 12 months of the membership start date by paying a $250 fee and completing the Special Request form. Memberships cancelled after the 12 months period may be cancelled at any time.

No refunds are issued for partial use of memberships. For example, cancelling part way through a month or a term pass (such as the Crew Pass, 6 Month or Annual Membership). Crew Passes cancelled within the 12 month term, for medical reasons, will not be subject to a fee. However, a valid letter from a physician must be presented in person along with the completed Special Request form. Please read the full Crew Pass conditions and cancellation terms.

Time Policy

FIRST TIMER - Arrive 30 minutes before class.

REGULAR: Arrive 15 minutes before class and no less than 5 minutes before.

LATE BOXER: Arriving 5 minutes or less before class may result in missing your class.

We firmly start, and finish, our classes on time to honor your "main event" (aka. life outside the studio). Late arrivals may be declined entry into class and still charged for the class (we did hold your spot, after all, and classes do fill up frequently).  Do allow yourself plenty of time to receive the full UNDRCARD boxing experience, especially for your first visit. This will ensure you get the full lesson, with all the safety features (and bad jokes), that our instructors deliver. Also, arriving early isn't awkward. We have a 20-person seating area in our Yo Adrian! coffee, food and juice bar where you can hang, use free internet, and get ready for class. Parking questions? Tips here.

Expiry Policy

Punch Cards and Single Classes
Punch cards expire 1 year from first visit or 1 year and 3 months from purchase - whichever comes later. Please note: punch cards, or single classes, are not transferable.

First Timer Monthly
First Timer Monthly passes may be purchased within 24 hours of your first visit and expire 30 days from that first visit.

Guests on any time-boxed pass or membership (including, but not limited to, the First Timer Monthly Pass, the Month Pass, the Crew Pass, 6 Month Pass, Annual Pass) may attend a maximum of 30 classes per month. Guest may exceed 30 classes per month for an additional drop-in free or by purchasing any punch card.

Attendance / Class Limits

Crew Pass,
6 Month and Annual Membership

View full policy here.

Age Policy

Group boxing classes are for ages 16+, with minors accompanied by an adult.

Fight Night (#TGIF; Thank Goodness It's Fight Night) occurs Friday evenings and is for ages 18+.

Young Guns Kids and Teens boxing classes are for ages 6-9, 10-12 and 13-15.

Left your water bottle behind? Shoes? We will hold onto your valuables for two weeks. After two weeks these items will be donated to charity.

Lost & Found Policy