Before Old Town Road became an international hip-hop-meets-country musical phenomena there was Nico ‘Techneeks’ wrangling horses in small town Alberta listening to T.I. and other hip hop icons of that era. Mashing up backgrounds is no strange thing to Techneeks who absorbs knowledge and skills incredibly fast, like an infomercial shammy. He juggles athletic pursuits with teaching hip hop dance classes, bartending, dj’ing, piano and songwriting. Known for learning 30 punch combos with uncanny ease he brings a sharp skill and musicality to his classes.

“I’ve very musically oriented so everything in my class is very to the beat, and corresponds with the structure of the song. Everything is in quick succession, but very manageable whether you’re new or a hardcore, so you get the most out of your workout. Expect hot fire tunes, fun combos, and a lot of sweat.” explains Techneeks.

Initially intrigued by the fitness component of boxing (“boxing fitness is next level, no lie”) that mental agility deepened the connection. “Everybody has their struggles and I’m no exception. Boxing has a huge part in shaping my mindset when it comes to perseverance, discipline, etc. There’s a term I came across the other day, “anti-fragile”. Fragility suggests something that is easily broken, however anti-fragile refers to the idea of something getting stronger the more it is attacked, or the more it fails. People who can harness failure as a tool, hard wire resiliency traits into their system. That’s legit and I encourage guests to channel that in my classes - and their life - to emerge the champion."


As you think, so shall you become. - Bruce Lee