Careers at UNDRCARD Boxing Studio

“Greatness is not a measure of how great you are,
but how great others came to be, because of you.”

If you are passionate about elevating others please choose the city, and role, you’d like to make a difference in.


Founded 2016

Beltline, Calgary. On the 10th Ave entertainment district.

Our flagship location, set in an award-winning space, makes guests feel alive and emboldened; ready to take life on one round at a time. Be part of the movement.


Opening May 2019

Fashion District, Toronto. Near King and Spadina.

It’s not so much about the boxing, as it is about the breakthrough. It's about breaking personal records and personal rules. Refusing to break down and instead breakthrough.


Opening September 2019

Downtown, Vancouver. In the stunning Vancouver House.

A boxing, strength and cardio workout that leaves you feeling like a champion, empowered to thrive in the main event; your daily life outside of the studio.