Founding Instructor and UNDRCARD Co-Founder

Every week a special kind of wolf-pack gathers in the studio, their gaze unshakeable between their boxing bag and the high-energy alpha at the front of the room. They know that Naomi ‘Gucciwolf’ will rile them up and leave them stronger, more focused and definitely stronger, and more sweaty, than before.

Naomi lives to move, and she finds the beat of the music carries that energy and intensity even further.  "People are always stronger, and more powerful, than they allow themselves to believe. My goal in each class is to get that inner warrior to emerge and to help people understand and tap into their own potential".

Originally from BC, Naomi brings in a lifelong passion for high-performance sport and fitness. Rounding her 6 years of boxing training, her multiple athletic pursuits include bouts of competitive body-building (making it to Nationals), competitive road cycling (6 Gran Fondos, consistently finishing in the top 10%), extreme downhill mountain biking and adventure racing when the mood strikes. 

As one of the UNDRCARD co-founders, Naomi brings her strong entrepreneurial background to the roster - always evolving her workouts to keep things fresh, motivating and next level challenging.

The final word: “You don't have to be great to start, you have to start to be great.” Spoken like a true alpha of the wolf pack, leading the way and helping others find their success.

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