Meaghan Cameron is an amateur fighter, training full time to fight, and she wants to make you look good. She wants to make you look good in her role as a personal trainer and also as a part time stylist at Shag Hair Salon (insert nightmares of crossing Meaghan in a dark alley WITH scissors). Meaghan’s skill, legitimacy and raw energy is contagious. Favorite punch? “Nothing better than a hard cross right to someone’s face.” Woah! Sign me up (but also recall aforementioned nightmare).

Hard to believe that this petite women, with a tiny fluffy Chihuahua sidekick named Money, aka. Young Money Chichii, is entrenched in the gritty world of combat sports. “In 2012 I began dabbling in boxing, muay Thai, ju jitsu, wrestling and capoeira. My loves are Thai boxing and boxing and I’m focused on developing my striking skills, and ground game, so I can compete in a cage fight.” Meaghan goes on to explain that her training translates to UNDRCARD Boxing Studio too. “As a continuous student of combat sports, I can relate to those who are trying boxing for the first time, and are overwhelmed. I can simplify their experience and ensure it’s positive and empowering”. In addition to her ambitious training schedule, Meaghan also recently launched a food blog, giving her perspective on eating well and achieving fitness goals (which is sure to feature her favorite food group; ‘peanut butter’).

At Meaghan’s class you can expect legit ass-kickery, raw energy, hip hop, leading edge club music and, most importantly an excitement to be there. “I want to create an atmosphere at my UNDRCARD boxing classes where people are thrilled and enlivened to be there!” Book a class with Meaghan.

QUOTABLE Everything you want is on the other side of fear.  - Jack Canfield