Born to Canadian parents in Alabama and raised in Texas, Lauren ‘Ramsey’ or ‘Lo Down’ Ramesbottom has the no-nonsense approach to training and fitness that you may expect from someone with such a geographical blend. What does that mean? She gets the job done right, no frills required. “My friends describe me as a ‘kind badass’; I have a huge heart but I won’t let that get in the way of drill sergeanting you in the gym” she says.

The ability to push forward, to a greater self, is physically evidenced by her cut shoulders and sharp mind (professional writer is her full-time job). She applies her strength training, boxing and word-smithing skills to each class to push you forward. “A latin quote close to my heart is Ad Maiora meaning towards greater things, no matter what”.

And that geographical blend we talked about earlier? Don’t expect any country music in her classes. “Even though I have those Alabama and Texas roots, I love hip hop, EDM and heavy bass lines”. Get the Lo Down, and book a bag.