Lifting has always been a key part of our programming at UNDRCARD. Whether you’re new to lifting and want to learn the ropes, or a seasoned pro looking to overcome that plateau and find new challenges: we offer a variety of strength training classes catered to your needs.


Expect traditional strength training with a focus on compound movements to target every muscle in your body. This is a GREAT option for the novice lifter or someone looking to improve their all-around strength. Our classes will focus on lower rep ranges (4-6) with heavier weights, proper technique, and longer rest periods. 


This class features traditional weight training with a strong emphasis on muscle hypertrophy. Our classes consist of moderately heavy weights with rep ranges between 8-12. This program is perfect for anyone looking to improve body composition, strength, and overall sport performance.


Traditional well-rounded weight training with a focus on your core muscles, including the abs, glutes, obliques, lower back, and hip flexors. This is the perfect class for those trying to increase muscle and overall strength in these areas. Rep ranges and weight loads will differ from class to class, but expect to work hard!


These classes are a full body workout, with rounds based off of time rather than reps. Expect to cycle through different stations that will engage different muscle groups. These classes will incorporate all types of weight training including heavy, light, and bodyweight training.