Founding Instructor

Les is more. Les is the high energy connector, the warmth in the room, the bromance champion. If you’ve seen him at the #UNDRCARDPOPUP you’ve witnessed his ability to simultaneously instruct, while also dancing and squatting (you can call it twerking, but we call it squancing). Les is an in-demand personal trainer and has been boxing for almost 3 years with several amateur bouts, and sessions with the Mayweather clan, under his belt.

How did this Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) aka. Number Cruncher, Bean Counter, King of the Calculator, get into a sport with such low math (punches go from 1 to 6)? “I choose boxing over other sports because of the relatability to real life. During the most difficult times in my journey, boxing has trained me to embrace the challenges. Life can be seen as the opponent. Boxing gives you the courage to face your toughest opponent and to keep moving forward. When life knocks us down the only thing that matters is if we're willing to get back up and react positively.” Spoken like a true champion. Also spoken like a true champion, is his love of coconuts because “they’re amazing regardless of age!” Ever inclusive and nonjudgmental, in Les’s class you can expect a lot of golden era rap and hip hop and a huge feeling of accomplishment. “Whatever your goal is to run a 5K/10K, compete in your first boxing match or just to generally get in shape, I will be there guiding you to not only meet your goals, but to absolutely smash them, one punch at a time.” Book a class with Les.

QUOTABLE “If you stay ready, you don’t need to get ready” by Will Smith