Founding Instructor

Some women simply have it all. And they want you to have it all too. Which, once the initial envy subsides, will make you believe in humanity. Kaysi ‘Kay Slay’ is an adventurous, fire spitting, gutsy force. Criminal defence lawyer by day (read up on www.KaysiFagan.com). Fists of fury by night. Over 16 years of punching experience. Over 30 years of shampoo commercial worthy hair experience. Her resume runs so thick with professional and personal accolades that we’re sure a Hollywood movie is coming out about her life and we’re just trying to be friends before she’s famous. Woman of the Year Award? Check. Avenue Magazine's Top 40 Under 40? Check. ESPN World Fire Fighting Championships top finisher? Check. Former INTERPOL bond babe? Check. Pizza jokes in resume? Check.

Clearly capable of succeeding at anything she puts her mind to, how did Kaysi end up boxing? How did she end up with 15 years of muay thai experience, training at the collegiate and international level, and earning her black belt in 2012? “I was the only girl in a family of four brothers (all of whom box). Over the years boxing became a touchstone wherever I lived in the world – an instant community, a familiar language in foreign places. These days it keeps me sane and balanced in a consuming field of work.”

In Kay Slay’s class you can expect strong boxing technique and dehydration. “You’ll get your money’s worth!” laughs Kaysi. “Double up on the water!” Jokes aside (wait, is that a joke?) Kaysi stresses the importance of people feeling welcome in the room with her. “I want UNDRCARD guests of every level to connect with the movement and the community that we are building. I want people to finish my class lighter than when they started (literally and figuratively).” Also, they will finish with those 90s/00s hip hop lyrics fresh in their mind. Bow wow wow yippy yo, yippy Kay. Book a bag with Kaysi.

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