A question we often get at UNDRCARD is “whatever happened to Jen, that delightful Miss Teen Medicine Hat competitor?” Our response is always; funny you should ask! Although that question has never come up, we wish it did, because you certainly get the impression that Jen’s twinkling eye and big smile would definitely woo a beauty pageant judge – because it woo’s an entire group fitness boxing class! So how did a small town heartbreaker get into boxing? “When I lost the Miss Teen Crown I got into a fight at the awards gala. I’ve been into boxing ever since!” says Jen. The look in her eye tells you she’s joking but that’s also what you can expect with Jen; fresh and fun drills and combos and a variety of music. “I’m into anything from Generation X - hence my boxing name – but also current top 40 anthems, old school rap, 80s hair bands – it all gets me in the mood to throw down!”

Jen is the only boxing instructor we know who craves duck foie gras (we’re still looking for protein powder in that flavor) and quacks while punching. We’re joking; Jen is actually very normal in that she feels the same empowerment from boxing that her clients do. “I always turn to boxing and fitness when I get knocked down. Working hard and pushing past my limits allows me to deal with anything!

Jen draws in inspiration from her two kids who she’s teaching that the word can’t has no place in their lives - and it’s advice she dishes out in her boxing classes “You have everything you need in yourself to go after your goals. A positive mental attitude pushes us to farther places.”


What the mind can conceive it can achieve."- Napeleon Hill