At first you may think Jawbreaker is a typo. “Oh, did you mean ‘heartbreaker’?” you may ask. No, Frank earned the boxing name Jawbreaker by being an amateur boxer in Kampala, Uganda. However, being a pop singer and model on the side, we see how there could be some confusion. Incredibly friendly, with a generous smile and down to earth demeanor, he makes the gritty world of boxing a little less intimidating. Frank gives off powerfully positive energy, and swagger, in his class.  “Boxing has been in my family for generations – even my great grandfather was a boxer. I grew up in an environment where self-defence was a part of daily life so this, along with my family history, led me to boxing. I ended up loving it and taking it further, joining the Kanyanya Boxing Club in Uganda”.  When not boxing and training, Frankie works in the fashion and retail industry, models and sings. He’s a recognized pop singer, and reality tv show celebrity (Big Brother Africa 2014) throughout the African continent.

What else can you expect from Frank’s class besides him breaking out into r&b songs and dancing? “Full on work. Full on fun. Results. Dancehall and house music”. Focused and absolute, you know exactly what you’re in for. But, judging by Frank’s fun personality, I sense he has a few surprises up his designer sleeves. Book a class with Frank.

QUOTABLE The depth of your struggle determines the height of your success. - R.Kelly