Helpful Tips For First Time Guests

Nervous? Too shy to try? We got you! As soon as you step into our space you are part of our family, or as we like to say; the #cornercrew. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be nerve-wracking so we’ve compiled a quick list to ease your worries.

We Recommend:

·       Arrive 15 minutes before your first class. We want to ensure your hands are correctlly wrapped and that you hear all important pre-class messaging from our instructors. Also, if you arrive 10 minutes or less before class you may lose your spot to a wait-listed guest.

·       Wear indoor shoes and comfortable gym clothes.

·       Boxing Glove Rentals are complimentary until January 1, 2020.

·       Hand Wraps are required and may be purchased at the studio for a small fee ($10-$15). These go on your hands before you put gloves on and are a personal item (we are unable to rent them for sanitary reasons). Choose from Quick Wraps and Traditional Boxing Hand Wraps. You can wash and re-use these for a long time!

·       Prefer Traditional Boxing Hand Wraps over Quick Wraps? Watch our How To Wrap Your Hands video. Our instructors and staff are also available to help wrap your hands. Wrapping hands takes less than 1 minute when you’re experienced but can take 5+ minutes if you are just learning.

·       Please note that there is occasional use of flashing lights inside the heavy bag room. If you have a sensitivity to strobe lights, or moving lights, please let the instructor know in advance so they may adjust their programming.

·       Do sign up through Mind Body so that your waiver is already filled out, to save yourself paperwork at the front desk.

·       Lockers are free.

·       Change rooms are stocked with amenities such as bath towels, hair products, shampoo, body washes etc.

Every winner was once a beginner.

Give yourself time. With every song, with every class, you’ll improve. After a few weeks you’ll start to see changes in your body composition. The results are real and we’re excited to see you emerge a champion.

Experienced Boxers

New to UNDRCARD but have some boxing experience? You will find the classes physically challenging and our program responsive to those seeking advanced combos or techniques.  We coach real boxing movement in a real hype atmosphere and can adjust to beginner, through advanced, guests in the class.

You're Ready!

Every adventure begins with a first step. Book that bag and find your breakthrough. #allyouneedisglove

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