Eddy 'Espresso' Bucardo



Eddy ‘Espresso’ Bucardo is the guy you want in your corner. If you present him with a challenge you can see the weather shift inside his mental landscape to that of commitment craftsmen and inner warrior. His success isn’t by accident. He has a discipline, an expertise and systems that he also applies to create champions in the ring (he’s a certified Boxing Ontario Coach) and in life.

In addition to having the esteemed position of a provincial level boxing coach, Eddy is also a certified Strength Training Coach and Personal Trainer. A long time pupil of boxing he’s rubbed shoulders with boxing legends Lennox Lewis, Egerton Marcus, George Chuvalo and Adonis Stevenson to name a few. He idolizes the punch power of Mike Tyson and the mobility of Vasyl Lomachenko and strives that he and his fighters can be the perfect mix of both.

In his spare time he boxes and is currently raising money to buy Air Pods (did we mention he’s funny). Book a class with Espresso.