A lean, mean, punching machine would only partially describe Erin “B” Eastick (get it; BEAST-ick). Partially because she is not mean but rather the perpetual optimistic with boundless energy at vile hours (“I don’t need coffee early in the morning” said 0.0001% of the population).  Erin is determined to apply her background as a mechanical engineer to monitoring your boxing form to ensure everything is looking properly calibrated, and safe, but without the serious engineering demeanor; “My friends say I am like an excitable golden retriever, so much energy, enthusiasm and optimism. Plenty to go around to every guest in my class.  I want them to absorb that energy and leave UNDRCARD feeling like they can take anything on in the ‘main event’ of life”. When not digging into the middle of a warm cinnamon bun for nutrition, Erin is training, cycling, baking cookies and motivating you to go hard round for round. “To anyone who commits the time and resources to be on that bag; I am doubly present there for them!” 


“Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.” Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture