Founding Instructor, Personal Trainer

If there is an agile, fast punching, man whispering game changing motivation into your ear during class, it’s probably David. Over a decade of martial arts experience (boxing, muay Thai, juijitsu) have instilled a skill, discipline and determination in David of sensei proportions. Earning his black belt by 19 years of age, David hasn’t looked back. Except to maybe admire a sandwich which he calls his spirit food. “When done correctly it can be a perfectly balanced diet, with all food groups covered!” What David also has an appetite for is knowledge and continuous growth of mind, body, spirit. He has been teaching adults, and kids, martial arts for years where he applies this passion for knowledge, skills and balance. Adults and kids alike seem to adore David. Which makes sense because kids love bears, and his spirit animal is, well, a bear.  “The bear represents strength and confidence. Standing up against adversity, taking action and leadership. The bear is a well-respected animal that also understands the need for healing, solitude and rest.” Bear witness to David’s class where you can expect a high level of difficulty, technical expertise, rap and deep thoughts. Although every rose has it’s thorn, not every studio has it’s Rose. We’re so lucky to have David in the #cornercrew. Book a class with David.

QUOTABLE “He who says he can, and he who says he can’t, are both usually right”.