Instructor and Private Trainer

There are times in class when you may see a man’s feet sailing by your head silently landing next to you and seamlessly progressing to the next round of punches – in the blink of an eye. Who was that?  Who’s vertical is that high? Ladies and gentlemen meet CY ‘Lights Out’ Iwanagbe who brings an impossible vertical jump and showmanship to UNDRCARD.

Cy (pronounced see-why) is a full-time athlete and trainer. As a senior member of the University of Calgary Dinos Football Team, with his eyes set on the CFL, Cy spends a lot of time perfecting his football skills which means a lot of boxing too. “I was looking to cross train with football and fell in love with boxing. It helps with cardio, hand eye coordination, body control and mental strength! On the flip side; my football background brings really fast feet, a powerful vertical – and the nickname ‘Lights Out’ to my boxing!” laughs Cy.  And that laugh, that energy - and those dance moves! “I used to teach hip hop dance, so, I play a lot of hip hop, afro beats and reaggaeton which I know will bring a smile to your face!”  

Cy brings a showmanship to UNDRCARD that you won’t want to miss. His contagious positive mindset, often found in elite athletes, will seep into your consciousness. “I focus on all of the blessings in my life and remind myself that I have a lot to fight for.” Preach Cy, preach!


“I can, I will, I must.”