UNDRCARD Boxing Studio

It's More Than Boxing, It's a Breakthrough.


We're here to break personal records, to break rules, and to break through. 

BREAKING RECORDS - Break a personal record. Set it, obtain it. Make it small or make it audacious. New to boxing? Curious about it? Nervous about it? The fight is for everyone so take a step outside of your comfort zone. You’ll be proud you did! Read our First Timer tips here.

BREAKING RULES - There are no rules as to what a boxer should look like. What DOES a boxer look like?! You showed us, Calgary. IT’S ALL OF YOU.  From the never-beens to the has-beens, from the young to the old and the shy and bold. The fight is for everyone. 

BREAKING THROUGH - Surprise everyone, especially yourself, by doing something you didn’t think you could. Be a champion by choice. Don’t wait for someone else to give you permission to execute on your goals. Break the habits that hold you back. Break on through to the other side.




How To Make 2018 Your Year of the Break Through

1. GEAR UP. Enjoy 40% off merchandise all 'Boxing Day' week. Look sharp, feel sharp in UNDRCARD boxing gear.

2. GET ACCESS. Take advantage of the FREE JANUARY when you sign up for the Crew Pass!

3. BOOK AHEAD. Choose your favourite class times, put it in your calendar and fiercely protect that time slot.

4. BE PROUD. You're breaking records, breaking rules and breaking through. Share and inspire with #mybreakthrough.

Best of luck! We're in your corner and we'll be there every day supporting you!