UNDRCARD is a different kind of beatbox; a rhythm for your right hook. Every class is a full body workout that blends strength training, cardio, and technical boxing instruction with a powerful music experience. Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned pro, there is a class for you!

Our group boxing classes take place inside a nightclub-inspired room filled with heavy bags, where the sound engulfs you and coaxes the champion out of you, regardless of skill or experience. You work your own individual bag over a 45 min experience. Prepare to completely lose yourself to the punches and let go to the rhythm of the music.


Tech HIIT consists of advanced technical boxing, utilizing footwork, head movement, and complex combos to the beat of the music. This class also incorporates high intensity intervals of functional fitness. We highly recommend participants to have a MINIMUM OF 25 boxing classes prior to participating: the basics will not be explained!


Power Punch is a unique spin on our traditional Boxing HIIT classes, providing the same sweat but with an emphasis on slower, power-driven punching combos blended with strength work. Anticipate heavy hitting: if you are newer to boxing or looking for a slightly slower-paced class to blend into your routine, this class is for you!


Boxing HIIT is UNDRCARD’s hallmark class. Expect a blend of boxing and functional fitness to the beat of the music. Our Boxing HIIT classes are designed for participants of ALL levels, providing detailed instruction of the basics and modifications for all movements. If you are new to boxing or just love to punch it out to great music, this class is for you!


This class focuses on technical boxing work with a partner and isn't music-based. You and your partner will take turns holding pads under guided instruction and receive feedback while they work through specific combos, techniques, and footwork. If you are looking to step up your boxing game, this class is for you!