An important pre-boxing ritual is wrapping your hands. Traditional hand wraps protect your hands and wrist from injury and allow you to punch harder and work with more intensity. Boxing hand wraps are inexpensive, machine washable, and, with some practice, easy to put on.

There are more convenient, slip-on options (that look like fingerless gloves) but they don’t provide as much wrist support and for that reason serious boxers don’t use them. Lastly, the ritual of wrapping your hands puts you into that boxing headspace.

So how do you wrap your hands? There are many ways to wrap your hands and our video shows you one option of many. We used 150” wraps in this video; if you have longer wraps, such as 180”, you may want to wrap your thumb, knuckles and wrist a few more. Find your own favorite way to wrap! Protect your hands, protect your workout!