For Halloween 2016, be the champion with this totally affordable and comfortable Rocky Balboa Halloween costume. It easily transitions from Halloween rager to Netflix and couch.  The sweat stains are key. So are overwhelming layers of grey sweatshirt, tucked into sweatpants, and tightly tied with that waistband string. Source a grey sweatshirt, sweatpants, chucks and fresh beanie. Actually, find three or four sweatshirts to layer on top of the other.  "1976’s Rocky wears a zippered gray hoodie beneath a simple gray sweatshirt with the sleeves cut short and rolled up slightly. In Rocky II, the original hoodie has been replaced with a non-hooded sweatshirt. On the back of his shirt is a written ITALIAN STALLION in black marker" [1].

The Rocky Balboa costume works for both men and women and is totally affordable. Makes running home from that Halloween party way easier, and warmer too.

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[1] Quoting